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Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of disappointed men
In theory, the concept of protest politics is riveting and inspiring. The optimistic idea that humankind should grab the chains of society and toss them away into the sky in pursuit of a better tomorrow. The issue is that in reality protest politics are usually not an effective method of improving the state as a whole. I will argue in this paper that protests cause a dilemma where the protestors are forced to either: take a turn for the violent causing a string of needless crime in order to remain relevant, a complete revolution that will usually result in a corrupt government, and even when at its most successful will weaken the integrity of the state causing it to become more susceptible to future revolutions. In just about every situation, protest politics will not contribute to the betterment of society.
In most democratic neoliberal nations, citizens have the right to peaceful protest. On face value, this would appear to be an amazing thing for those wishing to protest. The issue is that because of this, protests are deemed regular activities that someone can participate in. Protests need interest and attention to be able to grasp any sort of real power, and it is virtually impossible to gain influence while respectfully following the rules. Regular stories don’t make newspaper headlines. The front page is reserved for things that stray from the norm, and big moments that challenge the way people look at the world. There are countless protests every year that happen one day and are never talked about again. This is especially true if the protest is targeted at a government, in which case following the rules the government laid out for legal protest is the exact opposite of protest. This is a primary reason for one of the biggest dilemmas that come from political protest. Protestors are forced to either comply with the institution they are supposed to be rebelling against, or get arrested for overstepping the law. Either way, the protest fails on some level.
Protestors have two options. The first is to back down under pressure, and make very minimal political change in the process. The second is go for the extreme, and always try to shock the world into understanding a message. Ultimately, this comes down to a lack of ability from the protestors to be able to negotiate their position in the society. A peaceful protest will usually get ignored, and a violent one will get villainized.
Noble causes that many people might believe in often times get overshadowed by the heinous acts that protestors often commit. The #BlackLivesMatter movement that touched on the delicate issue of police brutality towards African Americans was getting out of hand. This is a situation that really opened the dialogue about what limitations should be put on police forces. The issue is that the protest sort of began to eat itself alive. There were frequent protests from the Black Lives Matter group that...

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