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Protests In Ukraine Essay

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This paper focuses on the protests in Ukraine and seeks to examine the different aspects related to its effect on Ukraine’s relations with the international community. This paper also discusses the role of other political leaders inside Ukraine on the protests and some of the key actors involved. The approach used to write this paper is realistic. Ukraine’s self-interest combined with the economic and military power of Russia is the possible reason of the decision made by Ukraine. As this case basically deals with power and self-interests of countries, realism will best help to understand and comprehend this case.
Summary of Theoretical Approach:
The basic concept of realism is that states pursue power. This power includes military resources. States look to go after war weapons. They may look to make alliances with states with strong military force. A state with strong military can aid the other state in defense against any foreign threat. This way, a state can be seen as powerful due to its alliance even if it does not have strong military force itself. Strong economy is another thing that can make a state powerful. Economic resources can be optimized through trade with other countries and with natural resources. Education is also an important asset in terms of economy because educated people have more potential to earn high salaries and serve the state better. Power can also be achieved in terms of geography. Location of a state can make it important and more states would want to keep good relations with it and ally with it. This again is only due to the fact that other states see some kind of benefit in this alliance. Realists believe that all states directly or indirectly seek this power and stability.
Realists believe that the shifts in international relations and alliances are due to increase in the power of a country or a specific country’s self-interest. This is balance of power when few countries can make alliance against one country which they see as the most powerful. This alliance will try to make sure that the balance of power in the world is maintained. Realism emphasizes that humans are selfish and egocentric. All the actions of humans are driven by competition, self-interest and power. Realism assumes that international system is anarchic. States are the actors responsible for their actions and there is no higher power or government above them that can dictate or intervene in their actions. Realism assumes that states are rational and are the most important actors in control. They will make decision which can benefit them the most. If a state is entering into an agreement with other state, there must be some benefit which it is pursuing.
Case Study Background:
The protests in Ukraine started in November last year and are still hurting the law and order in the country. There is a chance that the protests are going to go worse due to clash between pro-government and anti-government supporters. According to New York Times, “The...

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