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On November 21, 2013 Ukraine’s President Viktor F. Yanukovych’s cabinet rejected a partnership deal with the EU (European Union) to form a partnership agreement deal with Russia instead. This sparked large deadly protests in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev which lasted for months. The protesters were that of pro-European Ukrainians and President Yanukovych is pro-Russia. The protests got so out of control that President Yanukovych felt the need to flee from Ukraine and head to Russia for his safety. Although the Ukrainian government felt that the protests were unnecessary which led to many deaths and injuries upon protesters and bystanders, the protesters had the right to protest against the Ukrainian government because the protesters felt as if the situation was unfair, they were upset that the government chose to earn “pocket money” instead of long-term rewards from the EU, and they felt threatened by the sudden appearance of Russian troops in Ukraine’s city of Crimea.
The protesters felt as if the situation was unfair. The government probably had a good reason or reasons behind their decision. It was unfair for Ukraine’s government to deny the deal with the EU before consenting to the people first because Ukraine’s government basically violated the pro-European Ukrainians rights. The pro-European Ukrainians felt that this was unfair and that their rights were violated too. The government should have consented to the people of Ukraine to get their opinions on the subject at hand considering Ukraine is a democracy after all.
The protesters were angry that the government accepted the deal with Russia which they earned “pocket money” out of it where if they accepted the deal from the EU they would have earned long-term rewards instead. The Ukrainian government should have went with the EU’s deal for long-term rewards instead of Russia’s deal for “pocket money” because the EU’s deal was a lot more beneficial for the country of Ukraine. Even though the “pocket money” can still help the country it will not really do much of anything. I say this because a small amount of money can only do so much before it completely runs out within a quick period of time. The long-term rewards would have done a lot more for the country.
Another reason why the protesters were furious was because thousands of armed Russian troops showed up out of nowhere at an airport in Ukraine’s city of Crimera. This angered and frightened the protesters and other pro-European Ukrainians as well as western countries because this action led them to believe that Russia is invading the region to take control of it. President Putin’s act violated international law. What build up tension even more was when a group of the armed Russian soldiers took control of the government buildings within Crimera and raised up a Russian flag. This guaranteed that Russia is declaring war yet President Putin denies this.

President Obama warned President Putin that the US will support Ukraine against...

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