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Proud Of The Technical Accomplishments Of The Human Race

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Do you believe in aliens? When most people think of the term aliens they usually think of green, slimy and dangerous. However, I think differently. I think if I was to meet an alien at a point in my life they would look similar to the human race and that they would be very civilized. If I was asked by an alien if I was proud or ashamed of the human race, I would say I am proud. Sure there are disappointing and shameful qualities of the human race such as: jealousy, pride, hatred and ignorance to name a few, however I like to look at the bright side of situations. There are many reasons why we should be proud of the human race, for we have accomplished and discovered many great things. Humans have discovered and mastered technology in entertainment, education and in everyday life.
Technology has had such an incredible impact on entertainment today. I am proud of all of the technical accomplishments that the human race has come up with. It is amazing how far technology has come; from the first television, to today where there are 3D and interactive TVs. Technology in movies in something that I think has evolved greatly. Movies are definitely a typical pastime in today’s society. You can watch a good movie anywhere, anyway. You can watch movies in the car, anytime on your smart phone and more. There are some very, very intelligent human beings that have put a lot of time and effort into creating numerous devices. Smart phones have taken over our society; almost everyone now in days has a smart phone that just basically makes life a whole lot easier. You can look up the weather in any part of the world, you can send pictures to family and friends across the world and they will receive them instantly and a whole lot more! And finally, another form of entertainment that has been impacted by technology discovered by the human race is amusement parks. Without technology roller coasters would be as big, fast, and entertaining. Not to mention they would not be very safe. We use technology to make sure everything is hooked up right and that no harm will come to the human riding the roller coaster. Technology has had an impact on entertainment and the way we can be so conveniently entertained with a click of a button; it is something to be very proud of.
The next subject that I would be very proud to show off to the aliens is technology in education. There is no doubt that with the help of technology discovered by the human race that it has had a benefit on education of all ages. Technology is used in every aspect of education from online learning programs, to devices that will grade tests for the teacher. We are very lucky to have the education we do, and technology has had a significant benefit on education, especially through the...

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