Proudly Speaking To The Community (Argumentative Essay On Rules To Homes/Yards In The Neighborhood.) This Essay Is For Rules In The Neighborhood.

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A neighborhood speaks loudly by the way it looks as a whole. Houses should be thought of as homes to those people living in them even if they are renting. A community need not be gated to have the kept up look. A community is what the residence make of it. It can be an award winning community or an area where many unthinkable events take place. Conformity is necessary to protect the community and those residing in it.I live in Family Housing on post at Fort Richardson, Alaska. When I first arrived to Alaska, I was given the option to live off post in the city, which I ultimately did, due to the low availability of on post homes. I still requested that my name be put on the waiting list for on post housing. I am now a proud resident of an apartment in the four-plex I live in. Before signing for the keys to my new home, I had to sign that I understood the housing rules and my obligations to the four-plex. I was then handed a copy of the housing handbook and a pair of keys. At first I felt swamped in the list of duties I was responsible for, but then realized otherwise. You are expected to maintain [your home] in a manner similar to that of any proud homeowner in a well-maintained neighborhood (7). My husband thought otherwise. “If this is going to be my home, then if I want to have my trash can in the front yard and my grass uncut for two weeks at a time, I should have those rights as a tax payer.” Many people would agree with my husband until they understand that everyone has different views of what a home should look like. We drove through Anchorage, Alaska and found a house on a main road that was painted lime green. The homes to the left and right of it were painted normal colors. They didn’t stand out on their own. The house was in a neighborhood that was below par and seemed like this type of behavior was acceptable.The after effects of what a...

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