The Identification Technology Of Biometrics Essay

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The recent advances of information technologies and the
increasing requirements for security proposed have led to a
rapid development of automatic personal identification
systems based on biometrics. Biometrics refers to identify an
individual based on his or her distinctive physiological (e.g.,
fingerprints, face, retina, iris) or behavioral (e.g., gait,
signature) characteristics accurately [1]. It is inherently more
reliable and more capable than traditional token-based or
knowledge-based methods in distinguishing between an
authorized person and a fraudulent impostor. Among all
biometrics, fingerprint recognition is one of the most reliable
and promising personal identification technologies.
Biometrics authentication is highly reliable, because
physical human characteristics are much more difficult to
forge the security codes, passwords, hardware keys sensors,
fast processing equipment and substantial memory capacity,
so the system are costly. Biometric-based authentication
occupied by varying applications such as, workstation and
network access, single sign-on, application log on, data
protection, remote access to resources, transaction security,
and Web security. Moreover, a promise of e-commerce and egovernment
can be achieved through the utilization of strong
personal authentication procedures.
Secure electronic banking, investment and other financial
transactions, retail sales, law enforcement, health and social
services are already benefiting from these technologies.
Biometric technologies are expected to play a key role in
personal authentication for large-scale enterprise network
authentication environments, Point-of-Sale and the protection
of applications. Utilized alone or integrated with other
technologies such as smart cards, encryption keys and digital
signatures, biometric are used in various schools’ access such
as in lunch programs and school library. Examples of other
current applications include verification of annual pass holders
in an amusement park, speaker verification for television
home shopping, internet banking, and user’s authentication in
a variety of social services. Biometric recognition systems are
typically able to provide improved comfort and security to
their users, when compared to traditional authentication
Unfortunately, biometric-based people authentication
poses new challenges related to personal data protection, not
existing in traditional authentication methods. In fact, if...

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