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Prova Essay

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Irene Adler is a deceitful woman: she uses her own natural and most charismatic characteristic to captivate people, while her most dangerous weapon is, actually, her astute, clever mind and talent for manipulation. She likes to misbehave and to make her way through the world, and her profession is a reflection of her domineering and leading nature; she is a dominatrix, and labels, as judgments, matters nothing to her. Irene is a woman who likes playing games, especially mind ones, and even If she is always eager for a challenge she showed to be ingenious, able to plan thorough a long-term plan. One of the advantages on that side is her emotional detachment, which makes her able to play with feelings and being above the most common impulses, but then it reveals to be at the same time her limit and weakness, especially when she uses them in her games. Emblematic is her statement, “Brainy is the new sexy”: a brilliant mind is what truly fascinates her more than anything else, and it is often reason of her interest. Irene can be subtle, and on the surface she seems rather mature, but she can be fond the different pleasures of life at times. Her charm and sensuality are natural gifts, and she is self-confident, therefore strong, other than decisive and resourceful. Irene Adler makes of her own qualities her power, and despite her lost is notable how she tricked and played with the Holmes brother, not to mention the whole nation, showing her high ambitions, sometimes too high.

Irene is totally free from any sexual prejudice, a requisite for her particular job. As Dominatrix she is authoritative and firm, and unless her clients are involved in any of her major plans, they can rely on her trust; as professional, she cares about every aspect of her works. As professional Dominatrix, term she prefers, Irene offers “recreational scoldings”, that are nothing but BDSM intercourse, which does not include sex, which she uses as weapon...

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