Service Quality And Client Satisfaction: Cases Of Multiple Providers Of Agricultural Extension Service In Bangladesh

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3.4 Farmer’s satisfaction with extension services
This study used five point Likert scale to measure client satisfaction. As very few responses were recorded in very dissatisfied category so this category is merged with dissatisfied category. Slightly more than two third of the farmers are either satisfied (71.1%) or very satisfied (5%) with the content of extension service (Figure 1). Farmer satisfaction is highest with agent’s behavior where 16% farmers are very satisfied and 65.1% satisfied. On the contrary little less than half of the respondents were either dissatisfied (11.3%) or in no opinion (32.4 %) category with extension service method. Overall satisfaction percentage shows that a little more than half

of the respondents are either satisfied (46.5%) or very satisfied (6.9%) with extension service leaving a little less than half (46.5%) in no opinion and dissatisfied category. These findings echoes findings of another study by Akanda & Rokunuzzaman (2012) in Northern Bangladesh on 160 respondents, where 46.9% farmers were found satisfied to moderately satisfied in terms of getting agricultural information.

3.5 Factors affecting client satisfaction with extension service
Tabulation of OLM results revealed that among all the selected variables education, type of contact, farming experience and use of communication media had significant affect on farmers’ satisfaction with contents. However education and farming experience had negative effect i.e. satisfaction with extension service content decrease with the increase of education and farming experience. Taking satisfaction with method as predictor variable OLM showed that among the selected variables gender, education, type of contact and use of communication media has significant relationship with predictor variable. In this case gender and education represented reverse relationship meaning females and less educated farmers to be more satisfied with methods.

Table 3 Ordered logistic model estimation results (N=318)
Xi Model 1 Model 2
β SE Z p>|z|
β SE Z p>|z|

Education -0.0818 0.0275 -2.965 0.003 -0.0816 0.0275 -2.968 0.003
Farm size 0.0522 0.0310 -1.681 0.092
TOC 0.6399 0.1400 4.570 0.000 0.6435 0.1395 4.612 0.003
FAREX -0.0075 0.0023 -3.176 0.001 -0.0077 0.0023 -3.279 0.000
UCOM 0.0899 0.0214 4.195 0.000 0.0881 0.0213 4.132 0.000
Yi: service content (Ordered*) LL= -256.72, LR statistic=51.78, p>LR=0.000* Pseudo R2= 0.0916 LL= -258.04, LR statistic=49.13, p>LR=0.000* Pseudo R2= 0.0869
Xi Model 1 Model 2
β SE Z p>|z|
β SE Z p>|z|

Gender -0.6750 0.3352 -2.013 0.044
Education -0.0810 0.0242...

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