Providing Nursing Care To Underserved Communities

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Patient-Centered Care is a vital step for the underserved populations. In the clinical practice attention, and focus should be priority for these disadvantage patients. As a nurse educator, I should take a proactive role to to improve the health of America's underserved populations. participating in support group will enhance the care to serve the underserved population. In United states there is a disparity in the health of racial , ethnic groups, minorities, and African Americans. Most of the underserved population lives in underserved rural areas. These population lack access for health care, because their poverty, low income, and less access to transportations. Serving in shortage area is sacred mission for health care provider. Nursing role in the underserved areas has a dominant factor to reduce children mortality rate, and reduce elderly diseases. It is an opportunity to address all the barriers that prevent this special group for health care access. It is the real challenging for nurses to use the utmost knowledge, and explore new ideas that need further investigations.
In underserved communities there are too many peoples, and less much health care. There are plenty of benefits for new graduate of primary care such as loan forgiveness program. In stead doctors spending most of their career digging out from educational debe, with loan forgiveness the physician gets help paying down educational debt.

As a nurse and family educator I ill make significant contribution in teaching underserved population, and decrease the risk of diseases. One of the important factor is develo plan, corrdinate with patient, evaluate home visitation. Home visitation is important because it decrease child abuse. Teaching plans are developed according to the needs of the individuals being taught. The team teaching has advantages in that it utilizes the talents of more than one nurse. The number of outcomes needed for each diagnosis varies from patient to patient. Family members and significant others should be included in the planning of the outcomes. The content should be supported by evidence-based nursing research which should reflect the most accurate and clinically supported information in terms of relevancy to the medical field for the present and the future. The evaluation timing is also very important because evaluating a few minutes after training can give misleading results because the patient memory is still fresh. The training nurses should use positive reinforcement to affirm the efforts of patients whom have mastered
Health promotion, and preventive diseases are the most effective strategy to reduce diseases for underserved population. Health promotion is consisting of three levels primary, secondary, and tertiary. The focus of primary prevention is to prevent a disease from developing through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Secondary prevention consists of screening efforts to promote early detection of disease....

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