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Providing Support For Students With Emotional Distrubances

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SPE 600 Current Issues in Special Educational : Theoretical Practice and Procedures
Spring 2011

Providing Support For Students with Emotional Distrubances

As a Paraprofessional I have worked with many Special education populations. The most perplexing however was working with students diagnosed with Emotional behavior disturbances. The teacher that I supported has little training in dealing with students with this diagnosis. The level of frustration was always at a maximum. The teacher explained to me that he had just been thrown into the unit and had never had any formal introduction or training in dealing with this population. The administration had only looked at the fact that he was highly qualified in all subjects areas.
The teacher and I worked together for a year in the Social Behavior Skill unit and along with the district trainer we were provided the neccessary training in dealing with this particular population. The perceptions and myths that we originally had were dispelled, these were not just bad kids, they had valid diagnosis and the SBS unit had a specific purpose.
Students with Emotional Distrubed Label
In working with children that are diagnosed with Emotional Behavior Disturbances teachers face the daunting task of dealing with the diagnosis and providing beneficial educational environments. In fact, most children are considered problematic by at least one their teachers during their school years (Rubin & Barlow, 1978). Children with information processing and cognitive disorders, such as learning disabilities, mild mental retardation, and attention deficit hyperactive disorders, typically pose instructional and motivational difficulties but may show episodic disruptiveness, noncompliance, and outburst of anger (Barkley, 1998).
These children are often percieved as being labeled, and unduely targeted becasue they exhibit aggressive and disruptful problems in the classroom. Left unchecked these patterns can result in a lifetime of difficulties, including school failures , social rejection, low- self esteem, depression, antisocial behavior, delinquency, substance abuse, adult adjustment problems, unemployment, and institutionalization (Kauffman, 2001)
However, the tenents of this dislipline are poorly understood among educators, and its validity and appropriateness for use in instruction and social development continues to be debated in the educational literature( Brigham & Polsgrove, 1998; Meyer & Evans, 1993; Nelson, Scott & Polsgrove, 1999).
Appropriate Educational Programming for students with ED
The general education setting is beneficial for most students to acheiev some level of academic success. The majority of tsudent who recieve general education services ( even students who are recieving special education inclusion support services. Students with EBD have a difficult time in general education...

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