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Proving God Does Exist In This Is Why We Are Here By John Piper

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In the article, This is why we are here” the author, John Piper, states, “ …whats true for you is your God, and whats true for me is my God –whatever works is fine”. Basically what Piper is saying, whatever religion you are it does not matter as longest you believe there is a God. According to this statement, I can truly agree there is a God, and regardless of my own opinion, others in society today can also agree it does not matter how you chose to see God, as longest you know God Does Exist. With this being said in the article, “Does God Exist” the author Aquinas begins with two people explaining why they believe God Does not exist. In response to the question Aquinas begins to prove them wrong by giving us five ways in which God Does Exist Such as: God is the cause of change, God is the cause and effect in change, exist to nonexistence, ultimate good, and finally intelligence designs. However the main ones that stands out is the third reason the existence to the nonexistence, and fourth the ultimate good, without these two main points no one would believe God did not exist today.
Aquinas believes God is man who created this world. Therefore being the world we live in today. In the article Does God Exist, Aquinas mentions “We discover among things that for some it is possible for them to exist and also possible for them not to exist, for we find things that are first begotten and later perish and hence exist and then do not exist (336). In other words, there are things created and then later they are deceased. But if all these things were possible at some time nothing would be existent (Aquinas 339). Meaning that there had to been something or someone such as God according to Aquinas who lived eternity to begin human being, creatures and so for.
Without God nothing would exist today. For instance Aquinas claims, “If therefore at any time nothing existed, then it would be impossible for...

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