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Proving That Keswick Is A Honey Pot Site

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Proving that Keswick is a Honey Pot Site

Specific Hypotheses:

To test the general aim to prove that Keswick is a honey pot site, we
will investigate 3 specific hypotheses:

1. Keswick town centre caters mainly for its tourists in its land

2. Keswick demonstrates some of the key problems associated with
honeypot sites.

3. Keswick attracts a high proportion of non-local visitors.

What is a honeypot site?

A honeypot site is a site where there is attractive scenery or
historical interest, and tourists visit in large numbers. Honeypot
sites are areas which attract many tourists. They are so called
because tourists flock to these places like 'bees around honey'.

Problems with a honeypot site

The large number of tourist causes many problems in and around
Keswick. These problems include -

* Litter and pollution

* Noise pollution

* Vandalism

* Traffic Congestion - This is a problem in the village to both
locals and visitors. There is a large car park, with space for
coaches, and public toilets but as peak times the parking
provision is not enough and the congestion spoils the character of
the village and affects its enjoyment by all.

* Footpath erosion resulting from overuse. This is particularly the
case around popular natural attractions.

* Conflict with other landusers e.g. farmers and walkers

How are these problems are being tackled?

Footpath erosion - Improvements such as surfacing paths in local stone
or re-routing certain paths have been undertaken to reduce the impact
of erosion.

An increasing number of litter bins have been provided throughout the

What benefits are created by Tourism in the area?

Social Benefits:

* Jobs are created

* Crime reduces due to higher levels of employment

Economic Benefits:

* Jobs are created. Therefore people have more money to spend on
local goods and services.

* Multiplier effect - by creating a factory and providing new jobs,
the local economy grows by more than the original cash injection

What is a National park?

* National parks provide for tourists facilities

* They encourage tree planting

* They give advice to land uses

* They arrange talks and guided walks

* They mark out footpaths for you to walk along

* They buy land to protect its character

* They monitor and clean pollution

* They provide on information service

* They encourage suitable developments

* The refuse permission for unsuitable buildings

* The lake district is the largest National park in England

* It is 885 square miles in size

* There is 11 National parks in England

* There are 1800 rules for footpaths in the countryside

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