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One of the most ignored issues of this time is prison reform. The problem is that inmates are often viewed as being a burden on tax revenues, because of this conundrum politicians generally ignore this issue. The startling thing is that while an initial increase of allocations would be required at the beginning of prison reform over time the reforms would help to save money. Two critical problems with prisons could be solved through prison reform; first cost could be reduced thus saving tax payers money and second inmates could be rehabilitated to be functioning members of society. Through instituting prisons reforms that focus on rehabilitating inmates rather than punishing them for crimes against society we could become a more humane society as well as have a more efficient prison system. Inmates should be rehabilitated through education, therapy, and system of requirements for release.
Inmates should have access to education while in prison even if they are not required to avail themselves of this resource. Through allowing inmates to either; earn a degree through distance education or learn task based skills. The inmates would then have a better chance of providing for themselves and their dependents once out of prison. This way they would not revert back to committing crime as a way of supporting themselves. Research also shows that the inmates who avail themselves of these programs have better self-esteem and are better equipped to be functioning members of society. The research also shows that the inmates who become educated are less likely to end of back in prison. While the cost of education would cause prisons funding to be increased the return on the investment is valuable. The people who have become educated will be less likely to cost the system further expenditure because they will not end up back in prison. Also by now having a valuable skill to earn a living they will be able to raise their family out of poverty and thus break the cycle of crime.
Inmates need to be offered mental health services to better become functioning members of society. Often inmates have some kind of issues such as anger issues or childhood abuse that have causes psychological damage. If the inmates are helped to deal with the root causes as well as learn coping techniques they would be better equipped to function as a member of society. Research has shown that inmates who have received therapy while in prison are often better behaved in prisons and function better after their release. The research shows that it is often acting out while in prison that lands the inmates in therapy and that after receiving therapy for a period of time the incidents of inmates misbehavior drops drastically. Through therapy we can not only have the possibility of preventing the inmate from making a bad choice in...

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