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Social Contract-A voluntary agreement among individuals to create a government and to give that gov't adequate power to perform it's duties.John Locke argued that people are born with natural rights to life, liberty, and property.Authority can be defined as the ability to exercise power legitimately.The founding fathers did not want a direct democracy because they feared Mob rule.A representative democracy is a system of gov't in which the will of the majority is expressed through smaller groups of individuals elected by the people.Elitist theory is a perspective holding that our nation is governed by a small number of wealthy or well-educated people.In the Mayflower compact, the Pilgrims set up a gov't and promised to obey its laws.The fundamental Orders of Connecticut is considered America's first written constitution.A confederation is a voluntary association of independent states.Under the Articles of Confederation, the central governing body was The Congress of Confederation.The Constitutional Convention was called for the "sole and express purpose" of revising the Articles of Confederation.The plan put fourth at the Constitutional Convention , which favored small states by proposing to create a legislature in which each state would have only one vote was the New Jersey Plan.By the 3/5th Compromise, the framers agreed that 3/5th of all Slaves would be counted both for tax purposes and for representation in the House of Representatives.In Federalist paper No. 10, Madison argued that the nation's size was actually an advantage in controlling Factions, (being a group of people coming together for the same cause against the controlling main body).The idea that no one is above the law is called The rule of lawThe separation of powers is part of a system Checks and Balances that was devised to ensure that no one grp. Or branch of gov't can exercise exclusive control.The first battle over the issue of national verses state powers in the U.S. was b/w the Federalists and anti-federalists.The system of gov't by which individuals are governed by two separate government authorities whose expressly designed constitutional powers cannot be altered without altering the constitution is a Federal System.Israel does not have a federal system.Britain has a unitary system of gov't.In a Confederal system of gov't, the national government is Subordinate to the sub national governments.Any powers that are not delegated to the national government by the constitution, nor prohibited to the states are Reserved to the states.The power to tax is a concurrent power held by both the state and federal governments.According to the supremacy clause of the constitution, the constitution and the laws of the federal government shall be the supreme law of the land.An order requiring that an official bring a specified prisoner in to court and that the judge be shown why the prisoner is being kept in jail is A writ of habeas corpus.Civil liberties are legal and constitutional...

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