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Psa Analysis

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Effective Ways to Connect with Peers
Peer groups are different in characteristic and require a customized approach. Nonetheless, at the heart of youths is an intense energy that yearns to connect and explore the surrounding (Goold 435). This makes it easier for the youth to engage in improper habits that have dire repercussions.
Several ways can be used to effectively connect with the youth. According to Herrmann et al., utilization of games tends to create s positive bond, which facilitates learning among group members (32). PSA use games as a way of bonding. This can be done through well-organized camps that allow the youth to play and engage in constructive talks in the camp.
Another approach is to form peer groups that embrace cross-cultural dynamics (Herrmann et al. 8). Peer to peer sharing is more effective than lectures and other forms of communication. Peer to peer sharing can be done through social media although face-to-face communication creates a unique bond between the youth and the facilitator.
Reflecting on Experience
The PSA issue I would like to reflect on is reintegration of former inmates. When an inmate is sent on parole or released, the community holds a negative perception towards such a person making it hard for a former inmate to survive crime. This issue has struck me because I have seen people in my neighborhood being unable to reintegrate back with the community. The perception and treatment a former inmate receives is unwelcoming making it easier for the former inmate to slip back to criminal activities.
This information was presented in form of a movie in a campaign dabbed “Make a Movie, Make a Difference”. This information was enlightening as high school students engaged in movie production to address issues dealing with teen suicide, cyber bullying, and bullying in general.
This campaign would have been more effective if they would have enlarged the scope of participants beyond Travis County. Including other participants especially inmates and those on parole would create a larger impact on the need to reintegrate former offenders to the community. Creating social awareness on the need to embrace these ex-offenders may eliminate repeat offenses since the community monitors and support these...

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