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Pschology Essay

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The nature of employment has changed due to the evolvement of the economy, decreasing raw resources, free trade, downsizing, re-engineering, growth of information technology and globalisation (Coetzee & Roythrone- Jacobs, 2007). The changing career patterns indicate that individuals can expect to hold various careers throughout their lives. The need for career counselling grew due to the various career transactions an individual goes through. This paper will first define career counselling then discuss the purpose and outcomes of career counselling….
Coetzee & Roythrone- Jacobs (2007) state that career counselling is about empowering clients with choices regarding their lives and careers. Maree (2010) mentions that career counselling is a one on one interaction between the practitioner and the client involving the use of psychological theory and communication skills. The key focus is to helping the client make career related decisions and deal with career related issues. Stead and Watson (2006, p.81) define career counselling as a “service provided to a single group of clients who came seeking assistance with career choices or career adjustment problems”. Maree and Beck (2004) say career counselling is a process of helping a person to develop and accept an incorporated and sufficient picture of them self and of their role in the world of work.
The career counselling process is a verbal process in which a trained career counsellor and client are in a mutual relationship, focused on utilising on the clients strengths and resources to make important career related decisions and manage career related issues (Coetzee & Roythrone- Jacobs, 2012).The counsellor uses a collection of diverse methods and techniques to help the client make an informed decision on career choice. This decision can only be made once the client has reached a point of self understanding and understanding the career concerns involved as well as behavioural options available (Maree, 2004). Career counselling deals with problems involving the clients work, career, life and roles. The questions clients seek help for regard how clients view the current social, occupational expectations and opportunities for career choice. Career counsellors assist clients in analyzing expectations and opportunities and guide clients to take action and ease the anxiety and reluctance related with personal work life experiences(Coetzee & Roythrone- Jacobs,2012).Career counsellors should provide a person with the ability to understand and explain the what, why, how their overall life and career development tasks, challenges and the career goals they may have or the problems they may face is important especially in a complex society and disorderly workplace(Coetzee & Roythrone- Jacobs,2012).
Individuals develop a sense of identity and importance through their careers, therefore counsellors should view clients in a comprehensive...

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