Pseudonymity, A Short Story. Essay

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PART I : A French Exchange StudentYear 11 will be the most exciting year of my life. Last year, Madame Rassiere organised a foreign exchange student from France to visit Australia. Apparently our French teacher has an old friend from Toulouse whose nephew is in my year. I thought it was a brilliant idea because I love the French and it would be a good experience. Madame said only one member of her three Year 11 classes will get to host this exchange student. Amazingly, I was the only one interested.After class one day, Madame Rassiere told me the good news."Stephanie, I have asked all my students in your year if any of them were interested in participating in this special event, and not one hand went up.""Does that mean…""Yes.""YES!" I cheered."Now, it's only fair that I give you some information about him before you spread the news."So the teacher gave me a large envelope filled with forms and information to fill out and read through. The information was mainly about the French exchange student.His name is Jean-Claude.PART II : The French Exchange StudentWednesday April 2, 2006.Jean-Claude arrived today! I was so excited I forgot to change out of my pyjamas to meet him! Although, his appearance surprised me, he didn't look like the person in the photo I received. But I didn't realise at the time. I was allowed to stay home today to help Jean-Claude get settled in for the next three weeks. I also noticed how he doesn't respond to his name sometimes. At least, it takes a while for him to reply. But I guess it's just jetlag, and it will wear off in the next day or so. Jean-Claude knows a lot of English for a French-born person; I could almost say that he knows more English than French. In fact, I haven't heard him say a word of French at all since he got here. I'll test him tomorrow. I'm too tired to write much more.Thursday April 3, 2006.Sorry. I forgot to say that this diary I'm writing in was a small present from Jean-Claude. It's beautiful; it has a glittery design on the front. I take it with me wherever I go. I don't usually write in diaries, but this is a quite interesting experience so I guess it's good to keep a recorded memory of it.Anyway, today I took Jean-Claude to school. He fit in quite well with the other students and he speaks clear English. We didn't have French today, so he didn't get to meet Madame Rassiere yet.It's fun having another person to talk to, even if sometimes they're not quite with it.Saturday April 5, 2006.Today Jean-Claude said he wanted to visit the Sydney Opera House, so I took him there. It was a perfect opportunity to talk to him properly."So how do you like it here? I started off."It's really exciting.""I mean in Australia, not just here, in the Opera House.""Yeah, I love Australia. It's a lot colder here than...

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