Psilocybin And Its Many Uses Essay

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In the kingdom of Fungi, is a collection of different organic multicellulary eukaryotic organisms. Fuguses are unique from any other life form. They grow in the wild yet they are not plants. They also breakdown and digest animals and plants alike, but they are not animals. Fungi are made up of chitin, a derivative of glucose that is also found in cephalopods, arthopods and crustaceans alike. Similiar to cellulose which is a what plants' cell walls are comprised of, Chitin is a tough material that gives the Fungi its structure.
All over this planet from the ocean floor to the forests and jungles some form of Fungi can be present. Though they can be found in many different forms such as mold yeast, the most commonly known is the Mushroom. Found in the wild on dead plant and animal matter, the mushroom is nothing more then the fruit of a fungus spore and can be a nutrisous food. There is a specific Genus of these Fungi that have a unique chemical inside of them. Psilocybin or its chemical name Dihydrogen Phospate is a naturally occuring compound with strong Psychoactive properties.
Psilocybin Mushrooms or more commonly referred to as "Shrooms, Magic Mushrooms etc" have been used by many different cultures in varies ways. The early Mesoamericans used them for communion in religious and healing ceremonies. During the era of The Hippie Movement people experimented with Psilocybin for recreation and experience vivid "trips". Some today believe that the mysterious "Manna" that was spoken of in the Old Testament or the "Tree of Knowledge" was infact this particular fungus. Regardless of all this Psilocybin, this natural compound has a interesting effect on the human brain.
Found most commonly in South America but also in places such as india, austraillia, and the Western Coast of North America, Psilocybe mushrooms exist worldwide either naturally occuring or in cultivation. Earliest records of these mushrooms' use can date back to 5000 BCE where in Algeria cave drawings of figures dancing, holding mushroom shaped objects have been found. In one place that use of these mushrooms have been found was in Mesoamerica. The Miztec people had "Piltzintecuhtli" who was the god for hallucinatory plants. The Aztecs' had "Xochillipi" a relatable god of "sacred plants" that was also known at the patron saint of what they called "The Flowery Dream". (1) They would take these fruits as a form of communion in its plain form or with chocolates and honey, and then experience a trance like state. Bernardo de Sahagún wrote of the "drunkeness of the mushrooms" in his reasearch La Historia Universal de las Cosas de Nueva España.(2) In 1521 After the spanish explorer Hernan Cortez defeated the Aztecs, use of this "Flesh of the Gods" and other non alcohol substances became forbidden along with many other practices that the Catholic Church condemned.
It wasn't until the 20th century that Psilocybes became the subject of serious scientific study. Richard Evans Schultes...

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