Psy 301, Introductory Psychology, 1999, Exam 2

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Psychology 301: Pennebaker

Fall, 1999 Test 2

1. Which of the following is NOT a difference between males and females?
A. Females have a larger corpus collosum.
B. Males and females have different levels of hormones in their body.
C. Females are more able to directly sense their bodies and are more likely to ignore the environment.
D. Males have bigger cerebral cortex if body size is not controlled.
E. Until puberty, both males and females have equal math and science abilities.

2. Bill is the owner of a factory who is trying to increase productivity. Using your knowledge of learning, which of the following would you suggest to Bill:
A. Every time the factory workers meet the goals set for the particular day, Bill should reward them with a 2% raise for the day. He should do this consistently for the next 2 months.
B. Every time the workers do not meet the goals, Bill should punish them by lowering their salary by 2%. He should do this consistently for the next 2 months.
C. Bill should negatively reinforce the workers.
D. Bill should reward the workers once every year regardless of whether they are meeting the goals or not.
E. Bill should reward the workers some, but not all, of the times when they meet the goals. He should do this for the next 2 months.

3. In a research study, sounds of different fundamental frequencies are presented to two subjects, Peter and Larry, and they are asked to judge what frequencies they perceived for each sound stimulus. The results are shown below:

Stimulus (Reality) Perceived by Peter Perceived by Larry

100 100 100

120 120 100

140 140 140

160 160 140

Which of the following best described Peter’s and Larry’s perceptual abilities respectively.
A. stage-like; linear
B. stage-like; one-to-one
C. one-to-one; linear
D. linear; linear
E. linear; stage-like

4. Jason recognizes someone’s face by paying attention to the whole face, but Linda recognizes the same face by looking at how the lips, eyes, nose, etc. move in addition to the voice that is associated with the person’s face. Which theories of perception best described how Jason and Linda recognize faces respectively:
A. Gibsonian; New Look
B. New Look; Gibsonian
C. Gestalt; Stroop
D. Gestalt; Gibsonian
E. Gibsonian; Gestalt

5. Betty has the ability to perceive remote events, both in the present and in the future. For example, last month, Betty was able to sense that there was an earthquake in Turkey during earthquake, and two weeks before the church shooting in Fort Worth, Betty was able to predict it. For believers of extrasensory perception, Betty probably has the abilities of:
A. Telepathy and Clairvoyance
B. Precognition and Telepathy
C. Clairvoyance and Precognition
D. Telepathy and Pretension
E. Clairvoyance and Pretension

6. The concept of psychological or physical control is important in all of the following theories perspectives EXCEPT:

1. Attachment theory
2. Type A personality

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