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Psy 425 Substance Use In The Usa Past And Current Trends Paper

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Substance Use in the USA - Past and Current Trends PaperNowadays, all countries face the problem of substance abuse. According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, there are "an estimated 15.9 million illicit drug users in the United States, excluding those who abuse prescription and over-the-counter drugs, other substances and alcohol"(, 2008). Substance and drug use has changed over the last few years in the Unites States mainly because of trends that the country faces from different ethnicities and their different habits.This paper will discuss:1.past and current trends of substance and drug use2.ways of encouraging and supporting drug problems arising from drug usePast and Current Trends of Substance and Drug UseOne of the most famous drugs that the author would like to discuss is marijuana. Although, there is a scientific evidence regarding the negative effects of marijuana on people's health, many people ignore these facts and use marijuana as a medical remedy. It makes this drug still to be trendy and also one of the most controversial drugs known and used today and in the past. Another popular drug is cocaine. There is a noticeable decrease in the use of cocaine in the United Sates over the last 20 years; however, the use of its derivative, crack, increases every day. Heroin trend, on the other side, shows no significant difference in its use in last 10 years. Only the way of taking it changed form injection to snorting because of the fear of becoming infected with the AIDS virus from needles and the misconception that this way of use will not lead to addiction. Methamphetamine became famous 30 years ago and is still very popular. Its use increased rapidly in "1994 when it reached 63% (The Data Bank, 2005). However, currently its use declines slowly.United States suffers also from the constantly growing abuse of prescription drugs and other stimulants available over the counter for example, Robitussin or Nyquil, which are very common among both adults and children. All kinds of cough and cold medications are getting very popular due to their recreational effects no matter of dangerous results if overdosed.Ways of Encouraging and Supporting Drug UseMany people worldwide believe that drug addiction is not their problem. Americans are no exception and this ignorance contributes to drugs circulation. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, or marijuana are very popular in the Unites States and they are available everywhere. Additonally, parents, to some point, are responsible for uncontrollable use of drugs among teenagers. Many times they also abuse drugs showing simultaneously their children wrong path leading to addiction. However, many times people or teenagers do not even need to follow others. Their lack of self confidence, low self esteem, stress, or desire to be accepted are great motivators to use drugs. There are many substance abuse program available at different rehabilitation centers that provide effective...

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