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Psy430 Theory At Work Paper

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Numerous attempts have been made by several organizations in order to gain competitive edge over their competitors through management concepts and practices. In order to respond to globalization, majority of organizations are turning to modern, more productive ways of conducting business, such as effective organizational structures, greater support from technology, and more team orientated environments. Indeed, a team is where combined employees apply their skills and abilities together in order to attain the common goals and objectives of the organization. Increase organizational performance is being obtained from combined individuals working together jointly to provide the best of their skills, knowledge, experiences, and abilities.Groups are formed to satisfy both organizational and individual needs. An organization consists of individuals and groups interacting within the structure of the organization to accomplish its goal and objective. In the traditional organizations, most of structures are based on individualism. Today, teamwork are a major concept of an organization. Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines team as "a number of persons associated together in work or activity." (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2007) Most activities in the organization require some degree of coordination through the operation of team working. Teams are useful only if the interaction of team members produces something greater than the sum of all the individual's efforts. Team interaction must be structured so that team members coordinate their actions in the cooperative pursuit of both their individual objectives and the team's goals. The understanding of the team concept is vital if the organization is to be successful. An organization will function effectively if its employees function not just as an individual but as members of effective and efficient performing work group. The emotions and feelings of each individual towards work comprise some kind of a behavior that normally affects the team's performance. The most important activity in the organization is to maintain and enhance the work groups. The abilities and the skills of the leaders must have to be brought out in order to fully to perform in their duties and obligations in the work groups to guide the team members; participation, leadership, and motivational skills can greatly impact a team's performance. The more efficient a work group is, the better the drive to success of the organization.Team dynamics in many organization improve both productivity and employee satisfaction. Teams are formed to accomplish what individuals can not achieve on their own. Many work organizations tend to have a growing trend of implementing new work teams; a collaborative team is able to bring many creative ideas and improve productivity to the organization. Today's increasing popularity of teamwork in the workplace setting requires adequate individuals that can show teamwork tactics in their job...

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