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Psych Analysis

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It is easy to ignore what can be fundamental in a time of need. What happens when your beliefs and attitudes change accordingly to changes in societal norm. How can social psychology be used to analyze the social interactions amongst individuals in a fight or flight moment? What are truly innate behavioral responses and what are situational responses? Social psychology is defined as “the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior, feelings and thoughts in social situations.” (CITATION). Having stated the definition–how can a social psychology perspective help one analyze shows such as The Walking Dead, that place their characters in surreal situation and subject them to the stress that is a zombie apocalypse? The Walking Dead is the perfect illustration of social psychology principles. ____
In the first episode, “Days Gone Bye,” the principles of information overload and conditions of uncertainty can be applied to Rick Grimes. Upon walking up in the hospital, Rick is disoriented after being in a coma for some time. He is further confused upon exiting his hospital bedroom and seering–for the first time–the apocalyptic scenes of the zombie invasion. He roams the hospital looking for someone else, only to discover that he is all alone and a door that is padlocked with many walkers behind it. Upon exiting the hospital he find himself with a field full of corpses that are both dead and walkers. It is at this time that the principle of information overload can be applied to Rick. Rick’s cognitive system is put in overdrive to make sense of what is going around him. Subsequently, the principle of conditions of uncertainty can also be applied. Conditions of uncertainty occur when the correct answer is difficult to determine. Aside from all the over cognitive overload that Rick experiences, he is unaware of what the right decision is. For example, when he leaves the hospital and head to his house he is encountered by a walker. Rick is unsure what to do with the walker and is unaware that the walker can kill him. In this condition of uncertainty Rick is not sure what the right choice is. However, Morgan has adopted heuristics for these situation that enable him to simply shoot and kill walkers without thinking about it. Upon shooting the walker, Rick is visibly confused and upset. His morals, especially as a cop (to protect), are flipped upside down in that moment. Lastly, analyzing this situation can bring in the nature versus nurture perspective. When all the characters realize what is occuring their innate instincts kick in and the need to survive kicks in. For example, as previously mentioned, Rick has a difficult time accepting that the walkers are not real people. However, when his life is put in danger his...

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