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Psych Summary Essay

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SUMMARY AND THEORY- The goal of the longitudinal research performed in this article is to study the associations between parenting in adolescence and the general adult attachment styles; such as secure, avoidant, or anxious at the age of twenty-six (Fraley & Waller, 1998). How the variables related to types of romantic relationships narratives that emerging adults told was also examined. Prior results have shown that romantic relationships seem to be influenced by the way an individual is raised by their parents (Collins & Read 1990; Hazan & Shaver, 1987; Mikulincer, 2004). According to Erikson and his eight stages of development, stage six which accords during early adulthood, centers ...view middle of the document...

The relations between data collected when the participants were twenty six and then also the parent-child relationships reported by participants when they were aged seventeen were both explored. In the first wave sixteen high schools in central Ontario, Canada were used to recruit participants. Eight hundred and ninety six students (Five hundred and forty four girls and three hundred and fifty two boys) volunteered to take part in the longitudinal study. A majority of the participant were juniors with a mean age of seventeen point four years. Eighty eight percent of the participants reported being white and born in Canada; Eighty two percent reported that English was spoken at home; and also ninety four percent reported having an average to above average family income.
The most recent and fourth wave of research was conducted when participants were twenty six; this sample consisted of one hundred individuals (sixty eight whom were women and thirty two men). With this wave the participants were asked to partake in an extensive interview in addition to completing a survey package. Seventy percent of the participants at the time of the fourth wave reported being in a “committed romantic relationship” of this about fifteen percent were parents. Ninety eight percent of the participants had finished high school while, seventy four percent had completed a college or university program and nineteen percent had completed or enrolled in a graduate program. Participants in the twenty six ages round had no difference from nonparticipants on gender, age, and reported high school grade average, emotional adjustment self-reports; such as depression or self-esteem or assessed family parenting quality at age seventeen.
The research conducted when the participants were seventeen was conducted in a classroom and the adolescents received two dollars for their participation. The last three waves filled out another survey package. Also in the fourth wave the participants were asked to meet with a trained researcher to complete an in person interview in addition to the survey package they were given, if a participant could not meet in person they completed the interview over the phone. The in person...

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