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Psychedelic Drugs And Their Influence On Creativity And Spirituality

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People take drugs for many different types of reasons, but the two most common are recreational, or medicinal. When a drug is taken medicinally this means that it is prescribed, and supposed to improve the the users health. When a drug is taken for recreational purposes, this means that it is taken in order to entertain the user. Some of the most popular drugs that are taken for recreational purposes are psychedelics. These types of drugs are notorious for having significant effects on the users. Psychedelic drugs are know to affect spirituality and creativity both negatively and positively, but the direct reasons remain unknown.
Some may find it difficult to come up with a definition for psychedelic drugs. However, in the academic journal, “Voice of the Psychonauts,” the author Levente Moro, a scientist interested in Psychology, attempts to define psychedelic drugs. He claims that psychedelic drugs are substances that “may induce temporary and reversible altered states of consciousness by destabilizing and re-patterning several psychological subsystems, such as perception... and sense of self” (Moro et al. 190). Timothy Leary describes a psychedelic experience as “a journey to new realms of consciousness” in his book, A Psychedelic Experience (Leary 4). By this definition there are two psychedelics drugs that are the most common. The first one is, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, better known as LSD or acid (Moro et al. 189). The second one is psilocybin, which is better known as “magic mushrooms” (Moro et al. 189). There are many other psychedelic drugs in the world, but these two are the most common amongst users.
Some users report changes in their process of creativity after experimenting with psychedelic drugs. Even though creativity is a broad term, many different scholars have attempted to define it. In the article “The Creativity of Crumb,” Mathew T Jones, who is a Philosophy professor, defines creativity as the ability to take “existing materials and combine them in unusual ways to unique ends” (Jones 284). This means that in order to be creative, people must be able to do something that has never been done before. Jones continues to discuss how psychedelic drugs affected one comic artist's sense of creativity. The name of this artist was Robert Crumb, a well known Comic artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Jones 284). Robert Crumb was known for his universal style of drawing cartoons, that became popular during the late 1960s (Jones 284). Robert Crumb was different than the other comic artists of his time due to his psychedelic drug use, and this is why Mathew T Jones was interested in examining him. During 1965 and 1966 Robert Crumb describes going through what he called a “fuzzy acid episode” (Jones 285). Mathew T Jones decided to examine Robert Crumb's work from before, after, and during his psychedelic drug use. Mathew Jones examined his work from 1958 to 1978, and closely studied the work that Crumb...

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