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Psycho Research Analysis Essay

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In the world of cinema, there’s almost always a discussion regarding what scenes would be suitable for the grasping imagination of any audience, young or old. Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film, Psycho, sparked a plug for the movie industry as it was the first movie of its kind to display such graphic scenes of sex and violence to a worldwide audience.
In the article, “Psycho at Fifty: Pure Cinema or Invitation to an Orgy?” by John A. Bertolini, he describes how the images and scenes throughout the whole movie and its more arguable parts are what made the film stick with the imagination of Hitchcock’s audience. He goes on to give an explanation of how Hitchcock is as well one of few directors who is able to mix a little humor to go along with his vicious plot. Bertolini speculates that the audience was thrown off by savagery depicted in this film and more concerned with the emotions that were created by Hitchcock’s movie. He also outlines how much controversy the film created Psycho by stating how it, “reflected the changes at work in the larger society, especially the increasing insistence on greater frankness in the depiction of actual sexual behavior” (Bertolini 131). For instance, in the very beginning on the movie when the scene starts out with Sam Loomis and Marion Crane on the bed in a sexual position at a cheap Phoenix hotel secretly seeing each other every business trip that Sam Loomis has, due to that fact that he lives out of town. Bertolini eventually explains how this illustrates Hitchcock as a man that “kept up with the times.” In the present of this movie, I believe Hitchcock was solely experimenting around with the morals and different circumstances that would essentially make his movie more interesting to the audience. As stated by the article, teens are the primary viewers for most movies as they enjoy being away from home and fleeing from actuality. In the same interest, Bertolini considers that Hitchcock probably portrayed premarital sex in the movie, because it was an...

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