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Psychoactive Drugs Essay

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Psychoactive drugs have been around long before most people imagine. Although the least harmful type of psychoactive drug is caffeine, this title includes such a vast amount of drugs, ranging from something so small like caffeine all the way to cocaine. Psychoactive drugs are chemicals that change conscious awareness, mood, or perception. Not everyone reacts the same way to drugs due to the fact that the chemicals alter each person differently in both psychological and physical senses. Psychoactive drugs alter your state of mind drastically due to the chemicals incorporated into such drugs.
In the world we live in today, a multitude of people use drugs for recreational use. Such petty, ...view middle of the document...

This type of drug can be easily abused due to the immense high that one receives. Another drug that can be effortlessly abused is opiates. Opiates, also known as narcotics, are generally used to relieve pain. Narcotics mimic the brain’s natural endorphins. If a drug excessively repeats natural endorphins, the brain eventually reduces the productive of such stimulants. Because of this, withdrawing from stimulants becomes extremely difficult. Hallucinogens, the last drug category, produce sensory or perceptual distortions. Surprisingly, certain cultures and societies have used hallucinogens to experience other worlds. These drugs allow you to expand your mind; however, one may also experience a “bad trip”, which can lead to self-harming repercussions. In the three categories of drugs discussed here, many are habit forming which leads to abuse because of the distinguished sensation these drugs allow them to feel.
Plenty of fashion trends, music, and even styles of partying that we experience at our age used to be popular during our parents’ younger years. One major event is music festivals. Similar to Woodstock, our generation holds music festivals such as Ultra, Life in Color, and Electric Daisy Carnival. The main genre...

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