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Criticizing the individual unconscious theory of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung's collective unconsciousness replaced by various dynamics, J.L. Moreno chose to be a psychological explorer fathering a system known as Psychodrama. Legends say he was born in 1892 on a boat in the Black Sea and reared in Vienna. The basic personality theory, like Moreno's extroverted personality, is action oriented. In 1906, at the age of sixteen, Moreno published two papers called "Homo Juvenis" and "Das Kinderreich." (Landy, 1986 p. 29) The key concepts upon which he based his theory of personality are spontaneity, situation, tele, catharsis, and insight. The birthplace of psychodrama is said to have taken place by having children who played in parks of his city enact their thoughts and fantasies. By observing the creativity of the children accompanied by a medical degree, Moreno founded the Theater of Spontaneity where he began developing his psycho dramatic techniques. The perfecting of his techniques came about years later when he moved to the United States. In the late 1920's and early 1930's, Moreno formulated his theories of group interaction therapy. Places he developed he put the theories into practice were in public schools, reformatory schools for girls, and with prison inmates.Psycho Drama Explained Psychodrama as explained by J.L. Moreno is noting more than an extension of the initial clinical interview."The main difference between them is that instead of the patient being in a one-to-one relationship with the psychotherapist, he or she finds themselves removed from the privacy of a consulting room and placed in a position where he/she is given the opportunity to act out and thus experience various aspects of his problems in a larger-than-life dimension. In this process, the patient becomes the protagonist of the drama he creates and may, while under the direction of the psychotherapist (the producer), interact with other "actors." These "actors" play the roles of the "important others," people who in normal life make up the environment of the patient's own world and are a part of the particular problem he/she brings to the therapy session. When patient and audience exist, they are expected to interact with one another causing a mutual therapeutic benefit as a result of the interaction. (Greenberg, 1974, p.57) The collective goal of psychodrama is to accomplish in a unique setting the goal of individual therapy. The problem solving method is geared to assist each person participating in the session. When the patient is the protagonist, the actor serves as a figure in his own problem or another given by a member of the audience. Each member of the audience assists the patient in working out the issue by either active or passive participation. Experiencing catharsis and insight, the audience contributes to solving the problem through sharing and experiencing various aspects that may include personal situation.Targeted Goals The targeted goals of the group...

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Mildred, J. (2009) Review of 'Helping abused and traumatized children: Integrating directive and nondirective approaches'. Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, Vol. 26(3), pp. 275-278.

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