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PSYCHOGRAPHIC PROFILE OF ATLANTA GEORGIA Atlanta, Georgia the South's capital. Atlanta is the way of the south and many people feel like many things are started here too. It is the seventh largest populated city in the country and his home of many true individual consumers. One though may ask what does make up this consumer here in this city of Atlanta and many possible answers may follow.One certain thing is how they perceive life. Atlanta is rush, fast , paced society in the eyes of today's world. It is always on the move never stop and that is how the people here in Atlanta are too. Most do not have time to do even to think but hey that is life to them. This life is for the few chosen ones who can stand to keep up with this rushed life. As with the movement of the society as a whole the peoples minds are always going 100 mph too. People must be always on the look out and ready for new adventures learning new ways to survive always on their toes. New things are being built around them constantly and never stopping, always crazy. Well with all this going around them they must be able to keep their cool and be able to go with the flow. It is a rush, rush world their and the people are always on the go.As it being rushed many do not have the time to enjoy certain things every day so we must get them on their time too. Make them feel wanted and needed try to reach them in soothing words and not harsh things. Try to calm their spirits s they travel to their jobs and homes. Make them feel like they are on cloud nine and they got the world on a string. This can be easily done. They may be uptight and a little angry with the world since it is so fast paced there so we must calm them, sooth them Another thing is how the feel as being individuals. In a big metro city as Atlanta one may not be as criticized as smaller community member maybe. One does not have to stand out, there is a place to belong there for everyone. Evry town has its crazy people so does Atlanta, but its more of a connection with your fellow being too. On the contrary though you may be more in connection but they also may be pushed out more too. This is a weird way because even though one can blend in they may also be not seen. This can hurt their mentality and look on life. Even though you are accepted as the whole one may not get the attention in Atlanta that may get form somewhere else, a smaller town. Even though they may not be looked down upon in society's eyes, they be looking down on themselves. It can be hard to know that you may not be appreciated for who you are. With so many people being here, its hard to get around to every individual and certain ones may be skipped and feel left out and with this even though they were not at first pushed aside they are later push out in...

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