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Psychology and biblical teachings have history of being considered the opposite
of each other. Regardless, there are still Christian counselors or therapists that use (or in a
sense, have to use) techniques that come from psychological theories. They key here is to
evaluate these psychological theories while using the truth of the bible as a guide. Doing
so will help determine what may be helpful to use in certain situations and what will be
opposed to God. Considering psychology is such a vast field, a Christian counselor will
have to research many varieties of these psychological theories.
The purpose of this essay is to examine and decide which psychological theory
for counseling coincides with or opposes a Christian worldview. The two theories that
will be discussed and examined on how it relates to a Christian worldview are
Psychoanalytic Theory and Adlerian Theory. Both of these theories’ founders have
different views of human nature and I will not only give my opinion on them, but I will
also discuss how they coincide or oppose a Christian worldview.
In this essay I have decided that Sigmund Freud’s theory, Psychoanalytic Theory,
is the least congruent with a Christian worldview. In contrast, I believe that Adlerian
Theory is the most congruent theory with a Christian worldview. These following pages
will explain why I believe this to be as well as some scriptures that relate to why I believe
Sigmund Freud has said himself that he believes God is an illusion. This belief
that Freud concluded reflects in some of his work and even in his theory: Psychoanalytic
Theory. Psychoanalytic theory definitely treats God as an illusion; this is obviously a
perspective that is not so biblical or Christian. Some of the concepts in this theory seem
helpful when describing the depravity of humanity and giving an explanation of man’s
disturbance or confusion, but this theory’s solution is not correct. Psychological health
can not be obtained by simply reliving the past.
If you look at this theory...

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