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Psychological Approach In Analyzing The Implication Of Violent Cartoons On The Behaviour Of Children In The Perception Of Collage Students Of De L

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With the results gathered in the survey process, the researchers were able to meet the primary objective and purpose of this paper. Interpretation and analyzation of the gathered primary data and support it with the secondary resources gathered was done in able to come up with the following conclusions:
First,the 46% of children who spend at least 1-3 hours watching cartoons have the greater possibility to depict violent and aggressive behaviour. With the result gathered, most of the respondents (57 %) consent that cartoon contains violence. Based with this, the longer the children watch cartoon as their hobby the greater the risk to be influenced them with violent actions and aggressive ...view middle of the document...

Due to their tender minds, most children try to imitate the actions performed by different characters (Hassan & Daniyal, 2013). Children do not know whether the things that they watched from show are good or bad. They tend to imitate them because primarily because of the features contained in the shows that are attractive to them. For example, the music and theme that the cartoon contains or when the cartoon characters are singing and dancing, it attracts the children and tends them to imitate the scenes and the characters from the show. With this, it is better to let the children watch non-violent shows to prevent them to imtate negative actions and scenes that the violent show could bring to them.
Lastly, 29% of children accidentally applies violent scenes on other people. With this, children thought that all the scenes from the cartoons are appropriate to do even it is bad or could hurt others. Not all children were aware that the crtoons they are watching is violent. With this, it is appropriate for parents to accompany their children from watching cartoons to explain to them whether the scenes from cartoons are appropraite or not. On the other hand, 48% of children were distracted from school because of wanting to watch cartoon. In lined with this, children tend to feel lazy from doing school works because they wanted to watch cartons.
With the following effect of watching cartoons to children analyzed in the paper, implications were observed by the...

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