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Psychological Benefits Of Racism Essay

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Psychological Benefits of Racism 1The Psychological Benefits of RacismRace and Gender Relations\Psychological Benefits of Racism 2This is an exploratory paper. I picked this topic due to my interest in psychology. My topics are the Psychological Origins of Race, Benefits of Personal Racism, and the Benefits of Group Racism. My focus is to explore the psychological benefits of racism; the cause of those benefits and the relation of those benefits to our society today.In researching for this paper I used 1 text, 1 government document, 4 books, 2 journals, 3 readings from the course, and 4 internet articles. I spent approximately 12.5 hours doing research and another 2.5 hours organizing the material. I believe that, should I have another assignment as this, I would pick a subject that was broader in scope. Narrowing my interest, as I have done, has made it difficult to find the information I needed.There have been many benefits of racism over the centuries since race was distinguished as different; not the least of which are psychological benefits. To more completely understand the benefits that we receive, as an individual, a group, and a society, we must first understand where the racism originates from. Since birth we are exposed to external stimuli that form our ideals and values. The first thing to realize is that racism and bias against people of color is not, by most interpretations, an innate trait. These traits are learned, usually from our families and our peers. Some do believe that these traits may be hardwired into us and that the learning occurs only in how to deal with those negative situations. Regardless whether we have a pre-disposition to be racist or not we still have an obligation to our communities and to our children to foster civility (Prisco, 2002, p.127).Vicarious learning for certain types of individuals can be very disruptive in the individuals and families lives. In racist families there is a constant air of hate and disgust towards minorities. Children in these families, as in many other families, look up to their parents as primary role models in their lives. According to Albert Bandura, "children exposed to aggressive models generalized aggressive responses to new settings" (575). Children with abusive, angry, and aggressive parents tend to exhibit these behaviors themselves. The fact of imitation is established and there is a serious possibility that aggressive children learn by the example of their parents (Brown, 1965, p395). We, as a society, should not be surprised when we see and hear of hostile actions by our youthtoward minority groups since these actions have been reinforced by their environment. The actions of parents should be seen as regularities in their children.People hate others because they see in them a reflection of their own defects ( Koenigsburg, 1977, p27). The lack of a good quality can also be seen as a defect. Take for instance the life of Martin Luther King, he preachedPsychological Benefits...

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