Psychological Effects Of Returning Home Essay

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Most civilians do not realize the amount of stress troops face when returning home. Despite their gratitude for being back, it is difficult to cope with the events they faced. I had little knowledge of the serious impact in which battle rendered upon soldiers. My curiosity led me to constantly search information pertaining to the subject. Reasoning towards my fascination is due to my family’s loyalty in serving the United States. For generations my uncles, grandparents, father, and brother have each served in different branches of the military. Each member of my family had different reactions to battle. My intentions are to portray to society the struggles our military faces. Not only do civilians fail to capture the true meaning of freedom, but also lack exposure to what Veterans suffer for us.
In the past, I captured tidbits of information centering on the consequences of battle. For instance, a member of my immediate family dealt with alcohol abuse after returning from combat. Due to his reaction from trauma, he turned to alcohol whenever dealing with stress. With this in mind, I kept looking out for other signs of side-effects. Aggression and unprovoked anger were often an issue in my family. Denial posed another issue in itself. Aside from personal experiences, I researched the aftereffects of battle mind including suicides, denial and murder.
When taking on this subject, I thought I would be more than prepared. Little did I know that reminiscing on events from battle makes many veterans feel uncomfortable and even hostile. In fact, more than three veterans refused to be interviewed. In spite of those minor setbacks, I found my first interview person. Taylor Frisard sat in my desk during class one day and referred me to Mr. John Capdeboscq. Although he missed the first interview date, he was more than happy to reschedule at any time of my convenience. He was open to any questions I asked. With this in mind, I offered him my e-mail to send pictures from some of the countries he visited.
In fact, Mr. Capdeboscq was so helpful that he helped me conduct a second interview with one of the members from his troop. I am appreciative to his kind gesture because it helped me receive a different perspective on the matter. The second person I interviewed, Wayne Day, had a high-strung and rude behavior which helped strengthen my paper by opening up different aspects of my topic. The only issue which was especially offensive was when he referred to everyone who has not served in the military to be recognized as a “wimp.”
Time was closing in and I still had yet to find a third person. Thankfully, my mom came through for me at the last-minute. Finally, the last man I interviewed is my parent’s friend at their insurance agency. Sergeant James Lee Jr. was willing to do whatever he could during the time allotted. Although he did not have much time to complete an e-mail, he asked his wife to copy his answers as she read him each question. If it...

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