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Psychological Perspectives Of Marilyn Monroe Essay

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How did the loss of her dog tippy affect her development?
As a young child, Marilyn had trouble making friends her age. The only friend she had was her dog Tippy. Everyday Tippy would eagerly await her arrival. One day when, Tippy is killed from an accident, Marilyn was startled by his death. This traumatic event affected her so much that she was inconsolable for weeks. This could have lead to Maslow’s safety need for protection. Individuals motivated by this need, include physical security, stability, dependency, protection and freedom from threatening forces (Feist & Feist, 2009). Young Marilyn believed Tippy was murdered by the neighbors, and now they are after her too. Her guardian at the time, found this to be disturbing (Taraborrelli, 2010). This explains why she was always seeking protection and needed to depend on others. This was the beginning of her anxiety. This explains why she was always seeking dependency from others.
Why did Marilyn Monroe have many failing love relationships?
Maslow’s Psychoanalytical perspective can be used to give an understanding of this part of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Maslow’s theory was developed and based on hierarchy of needs. Maslow wanted to know and understand what motivated people. His belief was that individuals are motivated to achieve certain needs (Feist & Feist, 2009). According to Maslow, Marilyn Monroe had some loving, belongingness needs and safety needs. Maslow believed that when people had their needs for love and belongingness in early years, they do not panic or feel devastated when they are rejected or denied of love. Whereas people who experienced love and belongingness in small doses, have stronger needs for affection and acceptance (Feist & Feist, 2009). This can be applied to Marilyn Monroe’s personality. During her childhood, she only experienced love from certain people. Her foster care taker, Ida Bolender, cared for her and taught her to be strong and independent. To Marilyn, Ida was the only motherly figure she had. Her relationship with Ida ended quickly, when Ida sent her back to Gladys. This made Marilyn feel like she was not wanted by Ida. Marilyn always thought Ida loved her, and she could not understand why she gave her away (Taraborrelli, 2010). During the times with Gladys, she did not receive any love from her birth mother. She did try to be good in her mothers eyes, and gain acceptance from her. Marilyn never received the acceptance and love she craved for from Gladys. Maslow can explain this as Marilyn’s love and belongingness needs that were not satisfied. When people are not able to satisfy these needs, they form basic anxiety (Feist & Feist, 2009). Marilyn was not able to create a lasting relationship with relatives. She bounced from one home to another all through her childhood. Through this journey she only received glimpses of love. Her first husband Jim Doughtery was very fond of her. He adored her for her kind heart, and her beauty. He was away for the Marines...

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