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Psychological Therapies Essay

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Psychotherapy is a therapy aimed to directly change disordered or inappropriate behavior. There are two forms of modern psychotherapy: insight and action. Insight therapies aim to enhance your understanding of yourself, your motives and actions. Insight therapy uses humanistic therapy and psychoanalytic therapy. Humanistic therapy ‘s goal is to boost self-fulfillment by helping people grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance. This insightful approach focuses on the client's sense of self and present experiences in their daily lives, rather than focusing on early childhood. Carl Rogers developed person-centered therapy an insight therapy that emphasized providing a supportive emotional climate, which promotes personal growth. Person-centered therapy aims to increase a match between the real self and the ideal self so that person can be well adjusted and content. There are four basic elements: reflection, unconditional positive regard, empathy, and authenticity. Reflection is restating client’s words in slightly changed way, and the key task is clarification. Unconditional positive regard embraces nonjudgmental acceptance. Empathy includes understanding the client’s point of view and feelings. Authenticity encourages genuine open and honest communication. These four elements are key in making the client feel comfortable with the therapist. There are a few major drawbacks to person-centered therapy: the lack of scientific evidence to support the basic concepts on which these therapies are founded, the client can have long durations of treatment, and measures someone’s real self versus ideal self. Jumping to action therapies, action therapies aim to directly change disordered or inappropriate behavior. Action therapies use cognitive therapy and behavior therapy. Behavior...

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