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Psychological Warfare And Human Behaviors Essay

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Throughout history, war has been used to settle disputes between nations and groups with different beliefs. As a result of the tension and fighting, many have been left dead and disputes, whether settled or unsettled, have been left alone and not discussed of any further after a winner has risen. As long as there is a winner, regardless of ideological change, war is a great strategy to further the winner’s agenda. Though using physical force to settle a dispute seems like the best alternative, a better way to take advantage of a population and have them think a certain way without their own knowledge exists. Psychological Warfare alters the behavior ”(Psychological Operations Tactics, ...view middle of the document...

Through the use of Propaganda those in power influence their citizens to think a certain way without them knowing it. An example of this is the creation of Uncle Sam, who points at whoever is looking at it, at the bottom it says “I want you for U.S. Army”. During World War I and World War II, "Uncle Sam" Wilson was a man of great fairness, reliability, and honesty, who was devoted to his country” (American Treasures of the Library Of Congress) Uncle Sam represented the American nation and many people looked up to him due to their relation to this imaginary character or so they were told. The purpose of Uncle Sam, however, was not to represent the great qualities of the American people but to get the people in the US feeling a certain way about their country. The purpose of the poster is to draw up patriotic emotions to fight for one’s country when it is in dire need. Another example is after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor during World War II, propaganda was released by the United States portraying negative images of the Japanese soldiers as barbarians attacking U.S. soldiers. This had a great psychological effect on the citizens because when they looked at propaganda like that, they felt like they had an obligation to help their fellow comrades and defeat the enemy in the name of their beloved country.

Control of Public Opinion not only helps the United States’ most powerful people through war but also through controlling people’s desires and so called needs. After the end of World War I, the United States became the country whom others wanted to trade with due to their abundance in resources and the technology the United States was offering. According to BBC, “Between 1919 and 1920: America's gross national product (GNP) grew from $78 billion to $103 billion. The number of households with a radio rose from 60,000 to 10 million. The number of people filing income tax returns for earnings of more than $1 million a year rose from 65 to 513. The number of airline passengers grew from less than 6000 in 1926, to approximately 173,000 in 1929.” As a result of the constant demand for goods from the United States after World War I, the United States became one of the richest countries at that time, if not the richest. National riches brought U.S. companies riches and personal riches to the citizens of the United States. Better salary paying jobs were available which meant people had more money in their pockets. More money in their pockets meant more money to spend. What better way to make those in power richer than by making their citizens continually buy things they want but don't need? Through Propaganda those in power continued to profit off the average citizen.

In the 1920's a lot of American corporations enjoyed sizeable investments in Nazi Germany. General Motors took...

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