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Psychiatrists and psychologists both strive to better a person's well-being and improve their quality of life. Whether it's their patient's emotional struggles due to physical ailments or past events that are disrupting their mental status, psychiatrists and psychologists both seek an answer and a solution. Although psychologists and psychiatrists aim to achieve the same goals, they have many differences that make both of them stand apart. From a psychiatrist’s ability to prescribe medications, to a psychologist’s treatment methods, or both of their education, they are similar yet distinct in many ways.
When it comes to treatment methods between a psychiatrist and psychologist, both choose to analyze what's inside a person. Psychiatrists tend to lean more towards chemical imbalances in the brain and how to fix and stabilize those imbalances, most commonly with psychiatric medications and counseling. Psychiatrists also stay on the lookout for any physical problems, such as a thyroid problem that could be affecting them emotionally; if a physical ailment is present then a psychiatrist will act accordingly to treat it, either using prescription medications or giving their patients a referral to another specialist more suited to their illness. On the other hand psychologists look into the emotional aspect of a person’s life or their way of thinking. They seek a treatment that alters their patient’s way of thinking using cognitive behavior therapy in order to improve their mental health. Cognitive behavior therapy is a way to change the way a person thinks, reacts, and interprets the world around him or her that may affect them on a day-to-day basis. Although psychologists use different types of therapy methods, cognitive behavior therapy has been proven most effective and commonly used.
Another difference that also separates these professions is the ability to prescribe medications. Psychologists are not authorized to dispense any type of medication due to their lack of medical training. Psychiatrists work hands on with the effects that medications can have on a patient and what...

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