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Using Psychology To Find Serial Killers

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Serial killers have been ravaging society for centuries, even before Jack the Ripper. For every effect there is a cause, there always is a reason for why people do things. On the topic of serial offences it will always lead back to what drove the perpetrator there. When any crime is committed it can be a simple reason such as lust or money. When a serial crime is committed it means there is more to it than just an accident, they like what they are doing. To find and catch these horrific individuals, the use of psychology is now an important factor. The book “Mind Hunter” explains in depth how the use of psychology can create a profile and catch a criminal. By psychoanalyzing the criminal, victim, crime scene, and anything other available resources, you can get inside the mind of the offender and create a psychological profile. This profile includes everything from the idea of what sort of childhood they had to what they might look like. All of the information can be found by analyzing the crime.
The first way to find any criminal and start a profile is to start with the victim. In all serial murders, the most important piece of evidence is the victim’s body. When the elderly or prostitutes or young children are killed, one of the many reasons is because of the vulnerability. That usually points to an unexperienced killer due to the lack of knowledge of how to overpower a human being and to have them do what they want. For a first time killer, prostitutes are usually a good option because they are not usually having a known location and can go unnoticed if missing. When you have the idea of how a victim reacted to crime, you can have the idea about how the offender dealt with that. The only thing the criminal had their mind on during the killing or rape was this victim, finding out why he or she was chosen as the victim is a big part of finding the perpetrator.
Similarly, the crime scene holds many clues to what kind of person committed the crime. A murder scene can show prolonged rage, while dump sites show contempt and hostility. When a body is wrapped or a covered, it shows guilt and humiliation of the crime. The placement of a body in postoffense can show why a person did this. It could be for the sexual pleasure of dominating the person, by placing the body fully exposed and masturbating over it. Forensic evidence of the crime scene has been a very helpful tool to find the offender, but evidence can be deceiving. Although many objects at a crime scene are there for a reason, there is the chance of it having nothing to do with the crime itself, such as a loose hair or a stain on the floor. Things like that can be misleading to a profile but the important thing to do is to analyze the crime scene. There is always one element or set of elements that would make a criminal stand out and represent who he was and it is important to find it. Everything in a crime scene can lead to something or someone.
Furthermore, that someone has to start...

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