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Psychology And Nutrition For Fitness Essay

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Psychology & NutritionFor FitnessThe ApproachUpon receiving this assignment, there was an overwhelming feeling for me as I thought that I didn't know and understand enough about this subject. Besides that, there was some self doubt that I would be able to pair up with someone and set out a fitness plan for them. Janine and myself were paired up because we both live on the Gold Coast and we thought that this would make things easier for us. When we first arranged a time to meet, we both noticed how busy our lives were and how we didn't seem to have much time that corresponded with each other to meet up. So the first time that we met was after class on the Thursday, which was the week after we were given the assignment.Discussing a PlanIn this first meeting, I had some questions prepared for Janine to answer; these were targeted at helping me to understand what type of personality she is, what her goals are & how I can help her achieve them. Janine was also given some homework, which was an Enneagram sheet to work through (This sheet had 108 different types of questions on it). Then Janine & I talked & worked out was that she is an ENFP type personality. I then asked Janine a series of different questions:Do you have a regular exercise program in place at the moment?No I haven't, I seem to be very busy at the moment. But I would like to!When you have exercised in the past, what has been some of the problems that have stopped you?Having too many goals that are unrealistic.Irrespective of individual preference.Not including performance goals, process & enjoyment.Understanding time commitment in implementing goals.Failure to create a supportive environment.Not adjusting realistic goals.Looking at your goals, could you please tell me about them?Short-term: Have & maintain a regular exercise regime in three months time.Intermediate: Have increased capacity for physical activity and durability.Long-term: Better overall health so I am a living example of my health industry. In 3 years time.Subjective: Have fun, better attitude and experience of exercise. Up my self-esteem & confidence.Performance: Gradually increase my capacity to exercise. Exercise at least half an hour 2 times a week.Process: Report to you (Michael) weekly on my progress or any changes needed.Reward: Better physical appearance and more energy.Tell me how you would like to record your goals?The best way that I could think of that would work for me is to write them on a poster & with every positive step taken; I can add a Gold star.The types of positive steps that I am talking about are things like when I go & do the exercise and also when I get a lot of enjoyment out of the exercise that I am doing.Are there any ways that you would like to evaluate your progress on this exercise regime?I would like to report to you on a weekly basis on what I have achieved & what I haven't.PersonalityAfter meeting up with Janine and receiving an e-mail on the home...

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