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Psychology Article Review

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Christoffesen and DePanfilis (2009) were looking at the effect of a new system used by the Danish government called the Social Assistants Act which offers programs to assist parents and their children that may be at risk of maltreatment. The question they were trying to answer was “Will the socio-psychological development of children known to social services be improved when abuse and neglect are reduced? If prevention of abuse and neglect is successful, which intervention might contribute to improving parental behavior” Christoffesen and DePanfilis(2009). Christoffesen and Depanfilis (2009) also discovered that most of the abuse and battered child syndrome cases had been derived from ...view middle of the document...

Authorities, social workers, teachers and other are encouraged to report any signs of abuse. Authorities often work further with the family to provide or intervene to help decrease the number of maltreated children. The cases are often recorded and kept to observe and future incidents. A goal system and assessment designed to measure improvement. They explained that this helps to determine any kind of failures or successes. The questionnaire provided to participants, was sure to asses every aspect of the participants. A mental health review and background check was also included for each person. Christoffesen and DePanfilis(2009) process for selection consisted of previous cases from 275 different municipalities. The parents of the participants were asked to provide a personal identification number. From the parents that responded 1,000 children were chosen at random.
“Christoffesen and DePanfilis(2009”) used a multiple demographic characteristics to determine quantifiable statistics of the given population. The average age of the participants of the study was 12.3. Children and adolescents were equally distributed among age groups between five and nineteen; five percent of the children in the study were under five years old. Parental occupational status was also recorded. Only 31% of the participant’s parents were employed. Occupational status created an effect on the results. Socioeconomic status effected results more because it was seen the parents experience more finical and critical stressors when associated with a low socioeconomic status. “Data collection procedures collected data from caseworkers that completed a questionnaire on the exact family condition and wellbeing of the child. Christoffesen and Depanfilis (2009)” stressed that each parent’s occupational status was strongly related to unemployment and disability. “Thirty-one percent of the mothers from the sample were employed, five percent were disabled and the rest of the participants (44%) were unemployed. Only twenty eight percent of the fathers in the study were employed on a training program provided buy the Danish government. Seven percent were disabled and the rest were unemployed. Less than three percent of the parents came from non-western countries and experienced torture. Christoffesen and Depanfilis (2009)” discovered that all these characteristics had some sort of relationship between child-parent relationships. They furthered...

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