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The Reasons For And Consequences Of Divorce

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Different statistics have shown that the amount of people going through divorce have slowly increased and decreased trough out the years. The result from this break up are brutal the main victims being the children being left confused and uncomfortable. The higher the divorce rates the higher the school dropouts, the higher the violence in schools, the higher the rates of bullying, and physical abuse in the schools. The parents are to provide stability and support to their children, when that is taken away the parents, the children doesn’t know where to turn. When this happens the child tries to reach stability and praise somewhere else. They go to a coach, or another role model such as a teacher or distant family member. If they don’t the broken home provides a private nightmare, making the children its normal to be abused and bullied by the other children or parents. It breaks the children slowly emotionally and physically. When they reach a certain point the child may hide within him or herself or become a danger to themselves or the people around them. In most circumstances the child had nothing to do with the break up in the first place. Some of the main reasons for divorce are addiction, control, repetitive cheating, untreated mental disorder, child abuse, and physical violence. Some parents do not understand the reasons their partners actions and take it on the children themselves, telling them hurtful phrases or simply beating the smaller child until they are satisfied, many are ignored all together left to find means to survive on their own . Many factors are affected in the divorce of parents, partners, which have children or have been together for many years. The depression embedding itself deep into the core of one’s emotional being, not only in the children but the partner that still tried to mend the relationship.
Control. When the relationship falls into a depressive possessive state the victim usually starts to slowly disintegrate. When a relationship is about the dominant end wanting to be in control, they usually go to great lengths to inflict fear in their partners to make sure they get their point across. They need to know what their partner is doing at all times, where they are going, with who they are going. If the dominant partner does not agree the victim may not go. Essentially they lose themselves and all the rights and standards they had for themselves. In many occasions the victim doesn’t do anything about the relationship in general, because of the inflictive fear of the dominant partner finding out. When reports come in stating these type of cases and the victim finally feels safe, then it’s a possibility they will stand up for themselves and want a restraining order or divorce in place.
When a control based relationship takes place the only thing the child in the household (if applicable) can do is run or watch the fights and screaming of the most dominant partner. Eventual the children don’t really notice...

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