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Over the course of this class I have pieced together many things about my own life that before went unnoticed. I am now able to see things in a bit of a different light. Now that I have been introduced to the realm of psychology I understand some of the reasons for behavior around me. I have learned that there is a reason for most everything and a lot of our behaviors and mental processes can be explained through psychology. Studies have been conducted for many years to try and pinpoint the source of our behavior and it is not something that most people think about every day. Having a better understanding of why we operate the way we do will help me to better understand myself and the others around me.
Our behavior at times can seem a little out of the ordinary. People do not always conform to the behavior that is accepted by everyone else. From time to time people will stray from the beaten path and it tends to make them stand out. I used to just kind of look the other way without really giving it a second thought. Now when I look at behavior that is not exactly normal I am able to try and come up with a hypothesis on the causes of their behavior. I have a co-worker that is well known for being a compulsive liar. He likes to fabricate the most unbelievable stories and events that there is obviously no way ever could have happened. I think we may have all met someone like this before. So instead of just nodding my head or calling him out on his lies I now find myself trying to understand what they mean. Why is it he lies about these things? Through further analysis I have formed a hypothesis as to why he does it. He grew up with several siblings. One of these siblings has special needs and requires a great deal of attention. I can guess now that he most likely failed to overcome Erikson’s fifth psychosocial stage, the identity vs. role confusion stage. (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2009) It is a coping mechanism that probably stems from his childhood in some way. This is just one example of how I am seeing the world from a more psychological perspective. I now try and form some theory about abnormal behavior rather that just shrugging it off. While I have not really had any experience with anyone with any very serious psychological conditions I see now that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to their behavior. There is typically some sort of explanation that can be found in psychology and I think if everyone had a basic understanding of psychology they would understand the abnormal behavior a little better.
After this introduction to psychology I can now also better understand my behavior and understand the things that are affecting my life. There are certain aspects in my life that limit me from making the choices I may prefer to make. I have obligations and responsibilities that I must maintain in order to provide a decent life for my family. There is much at stake for me and I cannot always just do whatever it is that I would like...

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