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Psychology In Myself Essay

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“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”, Abraham Maslow’s quote explains if we do not utilize what we learn we will look at problems with great ignorance. However if we apply the information we learn and look at problems with different perspective we find new ways to accomplish goals. After studying psychology over this last semester I have the opportunity to look at different situations with a new perspective. I realized psychology is present in daily life and through classical conditioning, the bystander effect and memory I am able to better interpret my own.
Behaviorism, the study which involves determinism and observable behavior is a disciplinary of ...view middle of the document...

After going to the gym for a few years I found myself getting into continuous habits. One of my reoccurring habits was throwing on headphones and drowning out noise with my music. Over time whenever I put my headphones on I would become fixated on whatever I was doing, thus creating my own Pavlov’s effect.
In this I start out with an unconditioned stimulus, working out. Every time I work out I automatically become focused on the single task I am doing, my unconditioned response. I typically never talk and focus solely on working out. My headphones playing music is an unrelated stimulus by themselves. However this neutral stimulus over time while being played during my workouts became a conditioned stimulus. In turn this stimulus created my conditioned response of focusing on whatever I was doing at the time. Coincidentally I have found putting headphones in while working on anything has given me stimulus generalization. If I put on headphones while reading or doing homework I become focused on that individual task.
While Pavlov helped me better understand what was going on in my life; the lessons in memory helped me become a better student and further productivity in everyday life. I always knew there were different types of memory however I did not even realize the complexity they hold. From sensory to working to long term memory, every day memory is more involved then we realize. The most useful information to me was the transition from working memory into long term.
The working memory has roughly 30 second duration and if unrehearsed is typically lost. The information is only for practical purposes i.e. remembering telephone numbers. Long term memory on the other hand has virtually a limitless capacity and can retain information for an extended period. The transition between the working memory and long term is accomplished through encoding, which was my primary focus to help me in education.
The subunit of encoding I focused on was encoding which is the repetition of the information you are trying to remember until it is ingrained in your mind. Even further, there is another type of sub unit of rehearsal, this is elaborative rehearsal. Elaborative rehearsal is conducted through the association of information through visual, audial, semantic, and self-referential ways. Through associating information, say a word through a more elaborative technique, it will be less difficult to remember. For example remembering the you have to purchase eggs is simple to remember if you connect that objective to the time you ran out of eggs and had to substitute in apple sauce for your muffins. You are less likely to forget to buy eggs when you remember how well (or not well) the apple sauce worked out last time.
These encoding techniques are incredibly useful for my everyday life. As a student I constantly need to remember test questions, homework assignments, and general tasks. By using the elaborative rehearsal method I find it easier to remember...

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