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I began studying Psychology in the summer of 1987, between my junior and senior years in high school. I had enrolled in a summer credit program in order to get a head start on my college work, and I knew that “Introduction to Psychology” would be a general requirement. I immediately became very interested in the subject, and I knew that I would give serious consideration to pursuing this subject as a career possibility. About two years into my “first” college life, circumstances conspired to change my life’s direction. It was the beginning of the dotcom boom, and computers, having always been a hobby of mine, suddenly presented great financial opportunities. I took advantage of these, and ended my formal college pursuits in order to obtain a technical degree and begin working in the field of technology. This worked splendidly for many years, but I was never truly happy. Although the financial benefits were there, I felt as if I were trapped in an unfulfilling career. In 2008, I was laid off from a 12 year position, and after an unsuccessful two year job search due to the harsh economic conditions we are still experiencing, I decided to return to my true interest: the study of the human mind. Psychology is not typically an extraordinarily lucrative career for most. It is, however, one of the most interesting fields of study that one will find; it impacts every aspect of our lives, in ways both great and small. This essay will discuss a few of those areas in order to better explain my desire to pursue this educational goal.
One of the most interesting areas of psychology involves interfamily relationships. The relationship between parents and children, between spouses, and between siblings, are what most people think of when this subject arises. However, there seems to be much more to interfamily relationships in our society. In the last several years, we have seen the idea of “family” change dramatically in some cases. We now have families that consist of same-sex couples raising children, teenage mothers raising children on their own, and extended families consisting of uncles, aunts, and grandparents are increasingly becoming primary caregivers. Because of these non-traditional family dynamics, many individuals seem to be experiencing more stress and mental health issues. Coping with these different types of relationships can trying for all involved; the psychology professional possesses many tools to assist individuals navigate the turmoil that can sometimes accompany these new family group combinations.
Another area of psychology that holds my interest is that of marriage and divorce. Having been a husband for twelve years and going through a year-long divorce (including a custody battle), I have firsthand experience of how difficult these events can be. With high divorce rates and young people seemingly getting married due to peer pressure or unplanned pregnancy, there seem to be many opportunities for psychologists...

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