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Critically evaluate the statement that it is inappropriate for psychologists to use standard personality tests to interpret and understand the Behaviour of Indigenous people such as Aboriginal Australians.Indigenous people such as Aboriginal Australians are a different culture and diverse population and compared to that of non-indigenous Australians (Altman, 2009). For these reasons, understanding and interpreting the behaviour of our Aboriginal Australians would be a benefit not only to non-indigenous Australians, but also indigenous people so both cultures can develop more cultural awareness and competence with one another (Ranzijn, McConnochie, Day, Nolan, Wharton, 2008). This is where it may be appropriate for psychologists to use standard personality tests for the purpose of understanding their behaviour. How appropriate a test is, is determined by the reliability and validity in measuring the intended variable (Hill, Pace, Robins, 2010). Within using any type of personality test, there is a cultural and gender component in assessing behaviour (Stansfield, Smith, 1949). This cultural component varies from one culture to the next, depending on the factors such as complexity, tightness, and individualism and collectivism in culture. The component of gender affects behaviour in such a way that each gender has appropriate and expected behaviours of them, within a culture. However, there is potential for conflicts to occur with such tests, such as cross-cultural misunderstandings, and miscommunication. An example of this is common gestures can bring different meanings across different cultures. This essay will further evaluate the use of standard personality tests (using the interview method to illustrate) as a form of reaching an understanding of how indigenous people such as Aboriginal Australians, behave.A standard personality test can be useful in interpretation and understanding of behaviour, which is determined by the reliability and validity (Reddock, Biderman, Nguyen, 2011). There are various methods for assessing the personality of an individual, including the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, and the NEO Personality Inventory (Fanny 2004). For the purpose of explaining reliability and validity, we use the interview method to illustrate. The reliability component refers to the consistency of results, as such that similar results be recorded when a same test is administered multiple times. Validity is whether it is measuring an intended variable. An interview used as a personality test, is reliable and valid given it yields consistent or similar results and actually measures the characteristics of one's behaviour or personality. A standard personality test is appropriate for the purpose of interpretation and understanding of the behaviour of Aboriginal Australians, provided it satisfies the requirements of reliability and validity for measuring the behaviours. However, a standard personality test can vary in forms, such as...

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