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Psychology Majors: Everything You Can Do About Psychology Year 11 Essat

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Hitler was an incredibly gifted person. He was an intelligent speaker, as he managed to sway 14.7 million people to vote for him even though his ideas were unpopular. Hitler was able to take over half of Europe with a country that was heavily in debt and had poor morale. He even negotiated to surpass all levels of government and declare himself dictator. Hitler was a gifted painter although most, if not all, of his works were never published. His paintings were done in watercolors and mostly of landscapes. He was painting even after the year of 1919 when politics became his overwhelming concern.
Hitler was an extremely bright child. He even said, "The school work was ridiculously easy, leaving me so much free time that the sun saw more of me than my room...” Although as he got older his marks started to slip and the teachers began to get a bad impression of him, he was still very bright (one cannot become stupider). He eventually went on to join the army and become a semi-successful soldier (on the account that he was merely wounded and not killed).
The Hitler family consisted of the mother, Klara, the father, Alois, and two children, Alois and Angela. Klara gave birth to a baby boy named Adolf on April 20, 1889 at the Pommer Inn. The Hitlers soon moved to Braunau. His godparents were Mr. and Mrs. Prinz and Maria Matzelbeger. As a child little Adolf was babied and his mother protected him from his father, Alois Hitler. Alois was quite a tyrant, but he usually ignored Adolf. In 1892 Adolf's father earned a promotion and the family was forced to move to Passau. Here Hitler enjoyed playing Germans and French or cowboys and Indians. At about this time, in 1984 Klara gave birth to another boy whom she named Edmund. Hitler was no longer the baby but his father had been transferred to Linz the year before so everything was going well for young Adolf.
After a year of living without dad the Hitler family moved to Hafeld where Alois Sr. had purchased a house. A month after his arrival Hitler entered the little county school at Fischlam bei Lambach on May 1, 1895. On June 25, 1895 Alois retired at 58 to a life of leisure and beekeeping. Now Alois could devote more of his time to disciplining Adolf, so poor little Adolf's life became a rigid order between home and school. The only escape Hitler had was playing in the open countryside at cowboys and Indians and soldiers.
On January 21, 1896 Klara gave birth to a daughter Paula, so Hitler was "thereby pushed farther out of babyhood and along the road which would make him a miniature adult."
The five children in the house became more and more of a strain on Alois Sr.; his moods became more irritable and he was constantly angry at everyone. Alois Jr. was the first one to snap, then leave home. He moved around a lot but was never very successful. When Adolf became famous, Alois Jr. opened up a cafe in Berlin which was a regular hangout for Nazi party leaders, although Adolf wouldn't even allow the...

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