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Psychology Of Leadership Essay

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What is it that drives the human spirit to accomplish such unbelievable feats? It can be said that each individual strives for a better life for themselves. Is that the case of is there a more external force of motivation for us? Do you believe that we can live our own lives in a way in which we maximize our life’s potential? There are, of course, many different types of personalities that exist. Certainly you don’t listen to exactly the same music or enjoy the same films that your coworkers do. So it goes that with each personality comes a different way of reacting to situations. Perhaps you’ve heard of the common “fight or flight response” stated first by Walter Bradford Cannon. While we ...view middle of the document...

He stated in his phycology article Cutting-Edge Leadership “effective leaders actually hone their skills through experience, conscious self-development, education, and training.” So leaders are made by their life experiences. Some of the things stated may be applied to all individuals, such as education, as well as conscious self-development. Never the less there are specifics to things like these that allow a person to be shaped into an effective leader.
It is understood that a child’s fastest period of physical growth occurs within the first two years of the child’s birth. Cannot the same be said about a child’s mental development? Within the first two years of life a child learns how to crawl then begins to walk. They will more than likely utter their first words within this time as well. The child will also begin to show key aspects of his personality after they learn that there are better forms of communication than simply crying. Within the first 24 month of life a child will show what sort of foods he enjoys and what he dislikes. He will display in this time what sort of music he likes as well as where are his favorite places to spend time, be it outside in a park or indoors with controlled toys. No doubt within a few years of life he will also show if he is caring as well as what sort of people he takes a liking too. With aspects such as these becoming evident within just the first two years of human life, we must then conclude that deeper aspects of a child’s personality are also beginning to take root. While a child’s mind is a complex thing, it is remarkable what can be seen by simply observing their behavior. How they react to situations as toddlers does in fact help shape their personality with things like education and training. How they begin to see the world begins with their observing the first exposure to the world, their parents. A child’s parents are the first ones that are able to provide him or her with their beginning steps towards seeking the betterment of people as a whole.
Two years is, of course, a short amount of time. It is especially short when you consider that children will continue to be shaped for the years to come. Young people have much growth to do before they take on the many pressures of the world alone. Consider that it is not until their tween years that adolescence develop things like their political views. Of course, even a person’s political views is not without influence of their parents from an extremely early age. Many children begin to take their respective roles in society from the time they enter school age. What do children do with their time when out in the playground or as they enter middle school age where they may participate in sports? Some children may enjoy things such as playing on the swings or sliding down a slide without the aid or comfort of others. While other children may take the free time from their studies to share opinions with other kids and conduct a game that requires...

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