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Psychology Of Personality. Extra Credit Paper. Write A One Or Two Paragraph Response For All Three Of The Following Questions (One Sentence Will Not Recieve Extra Credit.).

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MasterPuppetPsychology of PersonalityProf. Coons StimaExtra credit paper.Write a one or two paragraph response for all three of the following questions (One sentence will not recieve extra credit.).1. Briefly descibe the stregth and weakness of each type of data collection we discussed during the semester (B- Behaviour, L- Life out come data, I- Data, S - Self report Data). Explalin why it is important to have more than one source of data in your rescords.Advantage of S - Data : One of the advantages of the S - Data is that your are the first best expert about yourself.Disadvantage of S- Data: One of the disavantages of the S- Data is that maybe you would not tell about a particular part of your personality if asked.Adantage of I- Data: One of the advantages of the I - Data is that itis derived from the observation of behaviour in the real world.Disadvantage of I - Data: One of the disadvantages of an I -Data is that the personality judgement could be biased.Advantage of L- Data: One of the advantages of the L- Data is that they constitute exactly what the psychologist needs to know.Disadvantages of L- Data: One of the disadvantages of the L-Data is that they are sometimes not even slightly informative about psychological attributes.Advantage of the B- Data: One of the advantages of the B - data is that is is a direct observation, the psychologist collects the information for themselves (ie. They are the ones that witnessed the behaviour) and they do not have to take anyone elses's word.Disadvantage of B- Data: One of the disadvantages of the B -Data is that one the interpretations could be uncertain. It is really importanta to have more than one source of data because a consistency accross all the data types proves that the personality test is valid. There might be...

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