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Kaitlyn Runchel
18 March 2018
Sensation and Perception
The world around us is entirely apprehended on a person by person basis when considering how we as individuals identify our surroundings. Using our senses to achieve a conglomerate picture of perception is critical in establishing our presence in the world. However, because these impressions are so unique to each individual, they also tend to formulate opinions that negate the common or favorable consensus. Sensation and perception are the means to our existential end and while different, work alongside one another to develop a holistic understanding of the vicinities we encounter as well as generate and discern ourselves as individuals.
Sensations are the first line to which we come to grasp our surroundings. Touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing are the foremost mechanisms we use to every aspect of our lives. When we first see an object, it is registered in our brains until we receive more information about them. Unfamiliar noises often catch our attention because our brains don’t offer any stored information on what made the noise. Touching something that is particularly hot initiates a reaction to stop touching it, so we do not harm ourselves. Every sensory interaction is stored in our brains for future use. While our brains never stop storing information that we build with every sensory interaction, eventually we begin to build perceptions of the world around us. Perception is the manifestation of our sensory buildup. Once there is enough investigation from our senses, our brains make sense of our surroundings. The brain over time takes in small bits of sensory information and uses it to build an expectation for what we are perceiving. While the two works together they remain completely different; one the product of another, and not able to stand on their own. Without sensation, perception would be impossible. There would be nothing. And without perception, our sensations live in an undecipherable state because there would be nothing to process the information intake.
From the time our brains can retain information, we begin to construct a database of information that we live our lives based on. These perceptions are how we go about our daily lives, and with the generation of information that we are constantly using, we inherently begin to not notice a change in the same perceptions. Perceptual constancies are our abilities to recognize the same object regardless of its change in condition, whether it be color, distance, location and so forth. These constant perceptions can allow us to negotiate our surroundings and adapt appropriately. Knowing what a car looks like and what size it is is critical when the vehicle is approaching your direction. Even though the vehicle is small in the distance, we have perceptual constancies stored in our mind that expect the size of the car to be a certain size when it reaches our distance. Had there been no perceptual...

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