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Psychology Paper

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Labels for the sake of professional classification have proven to be invaluable tools. They help psychologists describe psychological disorders, find initial causes for disorders, help outline possible future complications, and in turn aid in the development of beneficial patient treatment. Without being able to label these disorders, then the studies and treatments involved would be confused and disorganized. However, labels do have significant negative effects that can greatly hinder the outlook and opinions held by professionals, patients, and the general public. One must be aware of both positive and negative effects in order to use labeling and treat those who have been labeled in a ...view middle of the document...

These biased preconceptions developed from working with diagnostic labels.
Society and the media have also taken labels and turned them into misinterpreted and unfair stereotypes. Many employers make it hard for those with a mental illness to 1) find a job and 2) fit into the workplace. They’re often targeted as the ‘weak’ links because of their differences or difficulties. Those who use derogative labels often take psychological disorders as a flaw to one’s character and personality, when in truth it is only an illness of the mind. This brings one back to the point that a mental illness and their associated classifications don’t define the limits of the person. A human being is a human being whether or not they are psychologically healthy or if they struggle from schizophrenia, manic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Everyone is equally human and each deserve to be treated with respect and fairness. This, however, is something often overlooked within media entertainment. While some shows are realistic and unbiased in their portrayal of mental illnesses, many movies and television shows are unjust and negative in their viewing of psychological disorders. Those characters portrayed with a disorder are shown in a variety of images, some of which include the ‘comical’ relief, the psychotic maniac, or the social freak.
On the other hand, labels have been romanticized by pop culture. Media sites such as Tumblr are full of ‘depression’ and ‘self-harm’ blogs. Though some of these blogs are legitimate and offer advice or a way to connect with others, many are ran by young teenage girls who have simply self-diagnosed. Their pages are full of ‘profound’ depression quotes and ‘artistic’ pictures of self-harm scars. The driving force behind many of these blogs comes from the idea that having a mental illness will make you attractive. Much of this desire to have a ‘mental disorder’ comes from the writings of popular young adult authors. One such example can be found in the works of John Green. While his books are very well written and in many senses do carry strong messages to America’s youth, there is one theme that has strayed from reality. For instance, his book ‘Paper Towns’ has a female main character, Margo, who is portrayed as a sort of untouchable and free spirit. She’s mysterious, sexy, and full of secrets. The problem arises when hints are dropped that she has a psychological disorder and isn’t “all there”. It’s portrayed in a way which one sees these desirable bohemian traits as coming from the mental illness itself. This is a well-disguised lie. Mental illnesses won’t make boys like you any more or any less, they won’t make you more sexy and mysterious, and they won’t make you a popular bohemian icon. People with a clinically diagnosed psychological...

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