Psychology Paper That Describes Personality Traits Of Shallow People Deer Valley School Essay

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Pearson 1
Alexis Pearson
Intro to Sociology
Professor Murphy
The People WE Are Vs The People We Choose
to Be.
Date Of submission: 12/08/2017
Living in the world we live in today, I see so many lost people in the world. Statistics show that
almost half of people either don't know who they are as a person, or are unhappy with the person
that they chose to be. In the world that people are in today, People make it hard for others to be
completely themselves because the world has the view that people need to be perfect to be
accepted. I believe that is where incurities come about. People feel insecure about things about
themselves because people in the world make them feel like their flaws are abnormal. What
people don't realize is that their flaws is what makes them their own. There is not one person in
the world that is exactly alike, even twins have different things that make them their own person.
That is why I named the title of this paper “ The people we are vs the people we chose to be”.
People need to realize that it is ok to be themselves. They need to realize that it is okay to show
emotions, it’s ok to cry and to be sad and to feel pain, because if we didn't do that, our heads
would be filled with so much negativity and we would not function correctly.
Going back to weeks ago in class when we had the discussion of class and status it reminded me
of how people view others of different class and statuses. It amazed me that my other classmates
thought that certain celebrities had more status over people who actually make a difference in
this world. It made me think to myself , What exactly has this world come to ? Do we worship
those who just sing or rap about nothings , or sing about jut simply how their day is going versus
a person who takes time out of their day to make sure our life is on the right track, or a person
that is here to rescue others out of fires, or a person willing to risk their life for ours. It is to my
assumption that we as people are starting to not to care others. The World is very selfish in many
different ways. The most important way that the world is selfish is we tend to not care about
others feelings. It it said that the United States has the biggest suicide statistic ever. As a group
we ask the biggest question of all, WHY? To be exact, I'm not sure if there is an exact answer.
There are so many factors you can't just pick one. The factor that stands out most to me is
Bullying. I can attest to this because I am a...

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